Sm-ART Youth Project

Beginning in 2012, Sm-ART Youth Project is a creative and critical thinking project for underprivileged children aged from 9-11 years old. This year is the final stage for the 2018-2020 cohort. Through year-round exposure to diverse arts disciplines within and beyond the classroom, Sm-ART Youth has enabled 80 underprivileged primary students from four primary schools to nurture a questioning habit of mind, to understand the self and beyond, and to locate meaning in their young lives. Although  school was suspended in 2020, Sm-ART Youth has made full use of online interactive classes to continue exploring the arts of life and was able to complete the 2018-2020 Graduation Online Showcase with its last cohort.

aftec_Artboard 32


day of Cultural Days with workshops 
(Cancelled due to school suspension)

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hours of regular and online classes

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students from 4 schools

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adult volunteer

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artist educator

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training workshop for volunteers 
(Cancelled due to school suspension)

It has been a most unusual and challenging year with school suspended for almost four and half months. We thank AFTEC’s team for facilitating classes on Zoom.

I think it helped the students greatly. There were a variety of Zoom and Google Classrooms, such as in music composition and games design. While school was suspended, and aside from their regular homework, we encouraged students through Sm-ART activities to develop their creativity which also helps with their learning.

Principal Yeung Chui Shan and Miss Ellie Yeung
Ma On Shan St. Joseph’s Primary School

I understand now that art is not just about painting, it is everywhere around us.

Lam Sam Yin
P5 Student, Christian & Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Primary School (Ping Shek)

I learnt about culture and different ways of learning. I have changed and have become more tolerant of others, more expressive and open minded. What I really like about the programme is that I can learn through play and not have to do a lot of homework. 

Jerry Wang
P6 Student, The Mission Covenant Church Holm Glad No. 2 Primary School

Listening is an interesting thing because what we can hear is our inner voice.

Choy Han Cheuk
P6 Student, St. Bonaventure Catholic Primary School