Young Company 2020: Three Queens

Performed by Bravo! actors and professional actors, Three Queens brings together the stories of Margaret Anjou, Elizabeth Woodville and Anne Neville over the course of Shakespeare’s four plays: Henry VI Parts I, II and III, and Richard III, each one full of intrigue, complexity and violence. The production was lit entirely by candlelight. Live theatre was cancelled due to venue closure one week before the performance under COVID-19 measures. Nevertheless, AFTEC’s young actors did not give up and rehearsed in the theatre until the last day. A video of rehearsal highlights is available here

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Zoom sharing of rehearsal highlights and insights with actors, parents and teachers

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hours of rehearsal and filming

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Bravo! actors from different cohorts

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professional actors

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public performances
(Cancelled due to venue closure for live performances)

All the anti-epidemic measures made me treasure the close and intricate relationship between actors and their audience, which is something most of us take for granted until we become aware of the devastating impact the pandemic has had on the performing arts industry.

Johannah Marie Naynay
Bravo! 2019-20 Graduate (Classic Theatre)

Theatre is not only about acting, but even more, it is about historical understanding. Acting is so hard, and it requires immense effort and dedication. It is an interplay between voice, physicality, historical understanding and self-discipline.

Andrew Leung
Bravo! 2019-20 Graduate (Classic Theatre)

There was very clearly an engagement, and you could see the progression towards the end. In the end what we are after is that the actors, with our help, make these discoveries, and in doing so, that’s when they bring the text alive.

Rodney Cottier
Former Head of Drama, London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art 

Shakespeare Masterclasses

During Rodney Cottier’s stay in Hong Kong, we also put on some Shakespeare Masterclasses for secondary and tertiary students.

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