Classics for Juniors 2020: 
The Tale of Robin Hood

Since 2014, Classics for Juniors has become a very popular tailor-made theatre and language learning programme for primary and junior secondary school students. It consists of pre-show workshops, education materials, an English theatre performance and drama classes that create effective and meaningful learning experiences in a professional theatre setting for children.

Due to the pandemic, we were not able to meet the audience in the theatre as school and public performances were cancelled. We took a bold move and filmed The Tale of Robin Hood in cinematic style, incorporating it with animation and computer graphics into a TranXmedia edition. We also piloted The Tale of Robin Hood on digiAFTEC™, an e-learning innovation where teachers and students could watch the TranXmedia edition and use seven chapters of interactive teaching resources.


TranXmedia edition

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hours of rehearsal and filming

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viewers from schools and the public

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participating secondary schools

digiAFTEC™ Pilot Programme

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chapters of engaging content and interactive activities 

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participating schools

Creative Box

Piloted in 2016, this programme encouraged students to devise their own The Tale of Robin Hood skit based on AFTEC’s theatre production. Due to COVID-19, we have adopted a hybrid format of face-to-face and online teaching.

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online showcases

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hours of online & face-to-face training

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participating schools