Young Theatre Makers

Young Theatre Makers is a bilingual learning scheme that uses playscripts as a framework for discussion and critical thinking. Intended for secondary school students, Young Theatre Makers focuses on the process of analysing, understanding a play and creating a work-in-progress staging in the theatre. The showcase was moved online due to COVID-19.

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online internal showcase

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secondary schools

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secondary school actors

During the drama workshop, I not only practiced and learnt how to act, but also learnt the importance of teamwork by helping and supporting each other to succeed in our final performance. What I enjoyed the most in the drama workshop was how we were encouraged to put ourselves in the characters’ shoes and it was really fun and helped me understand the story more! 

Riane Iverson Canaveral Lopez
Student, Youth College (International) – Tsing Yi Site

The Young Theatre Makers Programme provided a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about the performing arts and to explore their potential. We were particularly grateful for the effort AFTEC made during the pandemic to keep the workshops going, and putting students’ needs first.

Crystal Chan
Teacher, Youth College (International) – Tsing Yi Site