SCOLAR English Alliance
“From Page to Stage®” Programme 2021:
Comedy of Mistakes

“From Page to Stage®” Programme is a comprehensive Learning & Participation theatre education platform in English. Presented since 2009, this is probably the longest-running theatre-in-education production in the city with a large capacity audience. Tailor made for local secondary school students, the programme is a fresh and unique educational adventure. Through high quality drama performances and in-school pre- and post-performance workshops, we aim to nurture students’ interest in classic literature and appreciation of the arts.

Comedy of Mistakes takes inspiration from Benjamin Britten’s The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra except this is the theatre guide, engaging young people and guiding them on the technical aspects of putting together a theatre production on stage. The story follows a classic by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, retelling the Sherlock Holmes mystery, The Speckled Band.

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school performances

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secondary students & teachers

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participating secondary schools

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shows (Public Performances)

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school performances

We learnt how to perform on stage avoiding minor mistakes which could ruin a show. The plot was easy to understand and enjoyable.

Student, St. Mary’s Canossian College

The actors did such a great job. They spoke clearly and worked well together throughout the whole show. In addition, the Q&A section was interesting too.

Student, Marymount Secondary School

The show used a lively and dramatic storyline to illustrate the process and form of theatre as well as the roles of each performer, combining both entertainment and knowledge in one package.

Teacher, Caritas Mother Teresa School

Becoming a Detective for Secondary School

This reading workshop was based on Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. Students not only examined and learnt Holmes’ detecting method, they were able to compare their discoveries with modern forensic science as well. As some schools had concerns in arranging outings, AFTEC offered both face-to-face and online workshops. 

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42 & 18

online & face-to-face workshops

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secondary students

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participating secondary schools

I know how to put clues together better now. It’s interesting to see how much thought the writer put into the story. It (the workshop) gave us the skills needed to create a good story and these skills can be quite useful in everyday life too.

Student, Raimondi College

Even though the event was held online, I can still feel the excitement of solving a mystery through discussions, which I liked a lot.

Student, HKBUAS Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School

Story Monster for Primary School

Most workshops were cancelled in the school year 2019-20 due to school suspension. In the school year 2020-21, we offered face-to-face and online workshops to give schools more flexibility during the pandemic. In this intensive story-writing workshop, students collaborated to create their own story together with “Story Monster”. 

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48 & 41

online & face-to-face workshops

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primary students

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participating primary schools

I enjoyed it very much. I really wish I can join (it) again, it will help with my writing skills.

Student, Pui Kiu College